Dostupnost ve verzích: PHP 4.0

Open Internet or Unix domain socket connection


Parametr Datový typ Výchozí hodnota Poznámka
$hostname string   If you have compiled in OpenSSL support, you may prefix the hostname with either ssl:// or tls:// to use an SSL or TLS client connection over TCP/IP to connect to the remote host.
$port int null, The port number.
$errno int null, If provided, holds the system level error number that occurred in the system-level connect() call.
$errstr string null, The error message as a string.
$timeout float null The connection timeout, in seconds.

Návratové hodnoty


fsockopen returns a file pointer which may be used together with the other file functions (such as fgets, fgetss, fwrite, fclose, and feof). If the call fails, it will return false

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