Dostupnost ve verzích: PHP 4.3.0

Convert all HTML entities to their applicable characters


Parametr Datový typ Výchozí hodnota Poznámka
$string string   The input string.
$quote_style int null, The optional second quote_style parameter lets you define what will be done with ‚single‘ and „double“ quotes. It takes on one of three constants with the default being ENT_COMPAT:
Constant Name Description
ENT_COMPAT Will convert double-quotes and leave single-quotes alone.
ENT_QUOTES Will convert both double and single quotes.
ENT_NOQUOTES Will leave both double and single quotes unconverted.
$charset string null The ISO-8859–1 character set is used as default for the optional third charset. This defines the character set used in conversion.

Návratové hodnoty


the decoded string.

Další zdroje…y-decode.php

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