Dostupnost ve verzích: PHP 4.1.0

Import GET/POST/Cookie variables into the global scope


Parametr Datový typ Výchozí hodnota Poznámka
$types string   Using the types parameter, you can specify which request variables to import. You can use ‚G‘, ‚P‘ and ‚C‘ characters respectively for GET, POST and Cookie. These characters are not case sensitive, so you can also use any combination of ‚g‘, ‚p‘ and ‚c‘. POST includes the POST uploaded file information.
$prefix string null Variable name prefix, prepended before all variable's name imported into the global scope. So if you have a GET value named „userid“, and provide a prefix „pref_“, then you'll get a global variable named $pref_userid.

Návratové hodnoty


true on success or false on failure.

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